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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Extraordinary Communication Skill in Life

Communication Skill in Life

Why Communication Skill important in Life

Communication Skill is a very important part of our life. You may have seen a man who is neither rich nor handsome nor very special. But people around him will like him very much. Listen to her words and feel much better. Imagine if you were a human being who could speak openly to anyone and would not bother to listen and tell.

In this article, I will share with you some important parts of Communication Skills. How long you can talk to anyone by making them a part of your life. People will love you and spend more time with you. And you will never miss a thing. If you are meeting for the first time with a human being, he will set his point of view about you in the first minute. If you don't talk to a human for the first minute good things. So that person will be negative for you.

Communication Skill in Life

The problem is that we are taught science and mathematics in school. But it is not taught how to communicate with others. Just think when you were stuck talking to someone you didn't understand what to talk to the front of. So you will never want to meet him again after this meeting. Because you never want to get caught up in this mess again. Because your brain doesn't want to pay that hassle again. You endured talking to the first guy. So you wouldn't want to talk to that person again.

Here are some communication skills to keep in mind when talking to any human

Repeat Name

When talking to any human, get the most out of that person's name because the most beautiful word for any human being is his name. You can call anyone by his or her own name and that person will listen to you with interest.

30/70 Rule

Whenever you talk to someone, try to speak less of yourself and allow the front person to talk more. And when the talk is over, you can lengthen the conversation by asking some of the same questions. This talker will have good thoughts about you. And you too will not be bored by the lack of words.

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Flooding Smile

Most people do this by smiling at the front, but it does not have such a positive effect. But whenever you look at the front, don't give a direct smile.
Communication Skill in Life

First, you make eye contact for a second by looking into his eyes and then giving a slight smile. Make the front feel that you are happy to meet it. This method is really so powerful than any human will start to like you.

Quality Communication

There are some words in our communication that are not important in communication but we use them very often. As we use Baba Ji in Punjabi, Ustad Ji and some in English, You Now. You exclude these words from your conversation because those words weaken your conversation.

Pause during communication

In order to make an impression in any human mind, it is important that you pause during talk carefully. Whenever a human being has a lot of interest in you, then that the person will pause during the talk with you. It's best to find yourself in your conversations about where you want to Pause or where to continue your talk.

Conversation threading technique

This technique is really very powerful. If you learn it, you will never lack things. In this technique, all you have to do is listen carefully to what the person is saying and repeat one of his words so that you can enhance your speech as much as you want. And the frontman will not be bored with your words.

Parroting Technique

Parrot ie how beautiful the parrot is, how beautiful it sounds to us. He does nothing but just repeats what we like most. We have to talk like this beautiful parrot. You have to repeat only one word from the frontman. But this technique should not be overused. With the help of this technique, you make the question from the frontman. You just have to repeat one word from the whole thing. That way you can maximize your talk.

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